The Joy of Finding the Right Camera For the Job


I recently took a chance on a new purchase that has proven to be one of the coolest cameras that I have owned. I picked up the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and have been very pleased with both the image quality and video capabilities of this smartphone. It is actually more of a camera than a phone really as it has a built in 10x zoom and full manual control mode of the camera. The images that I have been taking using a tripod and extending the exposure have been really cool to do. The camera responds to voice commands so I can setup the shot prior to merely saying “shoot”. The image then gets taken while all the time the world around is moving.


I also recently learned how to “ghost” ¬†myself. I have to experiment with the timing of how I take this type of image in order to see what different type of effects and processes result from this in order to begin achieving predictable photos using this technique.